Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Goals

Time to settle down and get back to day to day life in SA. I'm usually daydreaming about traveling but lately - it might have been when C's poorly positioned, saturated diaper led to my lap being utterly urine-soaked for the last hour of our flight from Las Vegas to SA that I thought, I'm really looking forward to being HOME and doing HOME THINGS.

Here's my list of things to accomplish in June.

// Attend ten fitness classes. I bought the Memorial Day military appreciation half-off unlimited monthly pass at the barre studio 0.7 miles from our house. Streeeeeetch. I was doing so well with regular gym attendance until allergy season descended in March and left me with nonstop congestion and headache - truly, a low grade headache most days and most of every day - for eight weeks. DIE TREES AND GRASSES DIE! It was truly truly truly a miserable spring.

// Ride my bike five times (ie to barre class). Charm passersby with my hamburger bell.

// Prepare five meals from One Pot.

// Prepare two dishes from Genius Recipes before its library due date. I gave this book to my May birthday sistas and am waiting for reviews from them.

// Prepare three meals from Healthy Slow Cooker from America's Test Kitchen.  I bought a digital copy of this book a while ago but haven't cooked from it yet. (Maybe I shouldn't buy digital cookbooks?) Very frequent cooking schedule for me but I want to...

// Have ten days this month without any processed food (talking about you, cheese; going to eat you, whole foods.) I love the concept of Whole30 and long term clean eating but I lack the organization, ability to grocery shop frequently, willpower, and [more excuses]. One day at a time will be much more achievable.

// Buy two houseplants to instill some cheer. Green is good.

// Tidy up and organize my office. Add a plant or two there. I have a Pinterest page devoted to plants, specifically hard-to-kill varieties.


// Plant two fabric bag beds. My containers are doing well - watching the watermelon plant grow has become a daily highlight - and I looked around at raised beds but decided against that purchase due to expense, reluctance to buy yet another clunky object, and poor track record of sustained gardening interest level. At $25 a piece, the Big Bag Bed Jr seem like a great starter project. 

// Rock a different look. On the weekends I normally roll out of bed when the girls wake me up (read: no shower, no makeup besides an application of sunscreen). I'm pretty sick of catching sight of my bedraggled, eyelashless, droopy-eyed self when we're out and about. Because the bedhead look is not going to change, I'm going to fully embrace it with matching heavy-eyeliner-and-mascara -- it's not dishabille, it's rock n roll! I ordered this kit along with the sun safety kit that I wait for with bated breath every year (thank you, Brady, for letting me know when it's released!) Planning a favorite sunscreen and makeup post (much like plants, I enjoy the latter in theory yet very little in practice).

Keep me accountable! See you July 1.

 I'm trying out Amazon affiliate links for books, etc. Waiting greedily for the pennies to roll in :)

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