Thursday, June 4, 2015

Clementine at 28 Months

Clementine on the day she turned 28 months*. 

She is a strict fruitarian who will also eat cottage cheese, pizza, pasta, and hummus. She arranges her crib just so (rattit and baby on either side of her pud-oh [pillow], two 'bankets', and two aguas). She just started calling water water instead of agua, but I hope agua wins out. My favorite thing she's saying this week is: Mommy/Daddy hold you! Hold you! [me] She's beginning to choose her clothes, with yellow and pink items most often chosen, along with 'pitty dress' [pretty dress]. She gives Josie a routinized goodnight: hug, kiss right on the mouth, pat on the chest with an unintelligible I love you. (Then dashes off).

She was not in a mood for photos here or earlier in the day when a pro was behind the camera (those photos to follow -- gorgeous!). We call her Sweet & Sour.

The instant we arrived at my in-laws she made a beeline for this tree swing. She loves swings, slides, and being chased. She goes absolutely berserk for gummies (verboten, I know!) Her book selection has been the same for a few months -- Llama Llama, Hello Highlights, and the recent addition of Dear Zoo.

Same door, one year before.

C learned how to give a thumbs-up courtesy of  Dragons Love Tacos **. Though we've been reading it for a while, she mastered the move this week. A favorite moment of our Michigan trip was C on the swing in the basement ('fwing! I want to go on the fwing!' was a constant refrain): at the highest point of the arc, she extended her arm at the elbow, gave a thumbs-up, and pronounced loudly: I LIKE IT. It was hilarious.

* regarding '28 months'

** for reference, the dragon's thumbs-up

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