Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

//  Hearing her call, I opened the door to C's room when she woke up from a nap. I was wearing this new shirt:

C immediately called out: PINK! HEART! A! TWO A's! For daddy she spelled out:

C! H! A! (TWO A's!) M! P! A! G! N! E!

// Clem has started saying: Thank you you're welcome! instead of just thank you. Hilarious.

// Luke took them to daycare via stroller for the first time this week, a one mile walk each way. How cute is this? The stroller can be converted to a bike trailer and I'd like to start shopping early on the weekend and hauling the groceries home. To be continued...

// I'm so excited to see the new Pixar movie Inside Out. Because it's deep. Take a look at this article on director Peter Docter (The Atlantic) and listen to his Fresh Air interview. Whoa, science.

// Tessemae's balsamic dressing just showed up at my grocery store. Really tasty and real ingredients only.

// This snap of C at her former daycare.

// Josie clapping on command and playing games -- she and C play a game in which one of them knocks the shampoo bottle off the rim of the bathtub, they dissolve in laughter, C replaces it [HERE GO, GIGI], and they do it again. It's so wonderful to see them start to play together!

Weekend plans, friends? What are you up to? Last night I found about a new fried chicken joint called Cullum's Attagirl and I immediately added it to the must-do list based on the name alone and today I found out there's a party

and we will be there.

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