Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bold Bad Ass Babes

A lot of exciting media created by and about fascinating women on my radar:

♦ Documentary about style icon and my personal eyewear hero Iris Apfel. In theatres now but nowhere around here. Hope it comes to hulu or vudu or Amazon soon! As a temporizing measure I checked out director Albert Maysles' classic Grey Gardens from the library.

♦ Nina Simone documentary on Netflix available on Friday, so I know what I'll be doing then. 

Here is Wild Is the Wind, which gives me chills:

♦ I finished Elizabeth Alexander's The Light of the World and I have a lot of feelings about this book which are difficult to express. I almost can't talk about it too much... please read it, everyone! It's so gorgeous. The subject is the sudden loss of her beloved husband of 15 years. She writes about their life together with such reverence and passion and tenderness... I was so moved.(NYT review here, where I first heard about it).

♦ I started Sally Mann's new memoir Hold Still: A Memoir with Photographs last night after hearing her intriguing interview on Fresh Air (here). The prologue was so good, so beautifully written, so fascinating I handed the book to Luke - you have to read the prologue! - and he liked it (he told me this in the morning - though it's only three and a half pages long I was already asleep when he finished it. My sleep onset latency is about 25 seconds.) I can't wait to get home, feed the kids, bathe the kids, read Draggy Tacos and ABCDs and Baby Rock Rock Rock, put them to bed, make their lunches, clean up the kitchen, do 15 minutes of relaxation yoga, and start reading again!

(Interestingly, the prologue discusses the faultiness and malleability of memory, a topic explored in hope-to-see-it-soon Inside Out.)

♦ This t-shirt from Cotton Bureau will be printed again and I immediately e-mailed the company to see if shirts for toddlers could be printed*, before I order mine and wear it with pride.

*update: not at this time. Too bad!

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  1. Iris - what a character. and Nina - looks so interesting. On my list to check both of these out!