Thursday, July 2, 2015

Resolution of Those June Resolutions

Here's how I did with my June goals.

Attend ten fitness classes

This one, I did great. 17 classes in 25 days - 2 barre, 7 iron classes at Alamo 180, 3 spin, and 5 yoga. This was fun, this was easy, this was gratifying. Once I get rolling with class attendance, I find it very easy to maintain. Once a week slips by though...

Ride my bike five times

I rode my bike once to barre class.

Prepare five meals from One Pot, two dishes from Genius Recipes, and three meals from Healthy Slow Cooker

I didn't cook much this month because Luke was frequently gone, limiting how easily I could shop. The cordoned-off house floorplan means I cannot be in the kitchen while the girls are in the living room - if we're alone, I can't cook anything more involved than quesadillas (which C can say perfectly now; for a while it was just 'dilla'). Genius Recipes went back to the library.

Have ten days this month without any processed food 

Three. Vide supra + this takes a lot of planning and stashed snacks and meal prep.

Buy two houseplants

Three little houseplants, two succulents and something very leafy and green, all on the kitchen windowsill. What I really had in mind were plants for the enclosed porch, sideboard, and bedrooms.

Tidy up and organize my office

No movement here. I did inherit three plants from a departing colleague, so cross your fingers for them.

Plant two fabric bag beds

I bought plants and potting soil the weekend before and planted one of them on the last day of the month. Ran out of soil for the second and I'm waiting for a trellis anyway. Here's an artist's rendering of the first bed:

Against the fence, a zucchini plant. Clockwise, a marigold (Pinterest says they keep away bugs? Attract butterflies? I have no idea), stevia, mint (orange mint - smells heavenly. I like the smell of mint but in a drink? No thanks. Mojitos taste like a mouthful of lawn clippings to me but this variety - orange mint - may change my mind), thyme, garlic and onion chives, more marigolds, arugula, pineapple sage. I ate some of this *very* peppery arugula at the nursery. Eager to put it on pizza.

Rock a different look 

I did wear my contacts, smear on some eyeliner, and most daringly of all, wore shorts. I've finally outgrown my I can't wear shorts because wahhhhhh mentality because after seeing all these amputees here - a leg at the knee, both legs above the knees, a triple amputee, a man whose entire pelvis is a scarred stump - those people would give anything to walk normally, or even haltingly, or even with excruciating pain. What kind of ninny doesn't wear shorts on her perfectly good legs?!

Alright, July. I can do better! Luke is not traveling much this month, which is great for intrapersonal, interpersonal, and home projects. This at-home time before he departs for a lengthy midwest tour (details to follow!) is another reason for my digital sabbatical, which I'll talk about soon. Most of my failures (in this list and in life) stem from lack of focus, follow-through, and inability or reluctance to put forth undivided attention.


// Attend ten fitness classes. My co-worker added me to her gym membership so it's goodbye Y, hello Gold's! Now I have more childcare hours and more classes (3 gyms within 5 miles of Casa H) for a third of the cost!

// Ride bike five times. This requires formation of a new habit and therefore is somewhat difficult.

// Empty out the freezer and pantry to use up those ingredients - what my mom referred to as 'an eat-down' before a household move. As fun as it is to peruse cookbooks and make lists, there's a lot of good stuff languishing in our cupboards. This weekend I made honey mustard drumsticks, using up all of the Dijon mustard, a bottle of honey, and organic chicken from Costco retrieved from the chest freezer. More of that before I sprint off to buy pricey, novel ingredients to use a splash or quarter of, then banish to the back of the shelf.

// Ten days of minimally processed food is do-able if I cook.

// Buy plants for the beautiful, heavy, ridiculously expensive ceramic pots I bought several years ago. I put plants in them and forgot to water them. I'd also like to put a few plants on the sideboard and in the bedrooms but first I have to clear off excavate those areas.

// Office still needs a couple hours of organization. This might be an excuse to buy the label maker I've always wanted. (If someone has a label maker recommendation, I'd love to hear it.)

// Read or listen to a novel. I've read some fantastic nonfiction recently but had a 2015 goal of a novel per month. I download all of my audiobooks free through the library but I very much want to listen to Kate Atkinson's A God in Ruins - I enjoyed preceding Life After Life so much.

// Finish planting fabric beds -- keep them alive! I am hopeful I'll have a lot of zucchini to spiralize.

// Date nights - at least two.

// Complete the Wanderlust 28 Day Run Yoga Meditate Challenge. Today is Day 1, a 15 minute walk.

download image here

Hope you are having a great summer! Any projects planned or underway?

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