Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kung Fu Noodle

Kung Fu Noodle on Tuesday (special bun day) after I read about it in San Antonio magazine. You say special bun and I say when. 

The restaurant is tiny and full of native Chinese speakers. Very promising. Downside - it's 12 miles from our house, which is about 9 miles farther than I like to drive, and is located in a strip mall that would be nondescript except for the other colorful tenants - a hydroponics store, a shuttered establishment of questionable repute named Tulips Spa, and something called the Success in Life Center. 

The menu has about ten items total in three categories: fist-sized buns (plain or spiced pork), noodles (glass or handmade), dumplings (pork and chive, pork and mushroom). And that's it.

And a peeled hard boiled egg steeped in five spice. 

The noodles - pliable and stretchy - came in a large bowl filled with broth, thinly sliced meat, baby bok choy, and scallions. 'It's grass, Daddy, it's grass,' C said, removing each piece of wilted scallion carefully from a bite of noodles and placing on her natkin [napkin]. 

Josie ate many bites of steamed bun and soup.

And Clem kung fu'd those noodles right back.

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