Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week in Pictures

Fun things over the last couple of weeks.

Birthday party at the Sylvias. At last year's party Josie wasn't earthside yet; she was born four days later. Now she's in the pool!

The next day we had brunch at Central Market and then enjoyed the members' only hour at the DoSeum.

This is one of my favorite recent photos - I asked, 'can you give Josie a hug?'

Oh, ok.

Devouring a pancake. They are my favorite in the city.

The DoSeum

St Josephine, patron saint of bemused resignation

Next time we'll be water-feature-ready.

Later that day I bought the plants for my first fabric bed and made white chocolate and raspberries scones with Luke ("it's been so long since we made scones together," he said).

Going to the grocery store.

Ear tube placement. This is the before from the preop area.

The after. She was tearful and scared in the recovery bay but this popsicle made the tears roll back up her cheeks.

Checking out a new restaurant, Cullum's Attagirl. This also-new New Orleans restaurant is next door.

Fried chicken and a pineapple cider for us, bits of chicken and spoonfuls of chocolate cream pie for the girls.

With a banana chaser.

At the nursery getting large houseplants (at least one July goal accomplished).

I asked to take her picture and she ran out of the houseplant area to this spot-- 'over hee-ah!' she said. Please note ear headband.

Our houseplant haul.

Then it was off to Oklahoma City for a business trip. I listened to three America's Test Kitchen podcasts while driving - if you're interested in food science, food additives, and junk food engineering you might like these (numbers 417 Your Brain on Food; 416 The Dorito Effect; 310 Junk Food Engineering) The interviews and Adam Gopnik's segments were fascinating as always.

Then this party train rolled on into Josie's first birthday and the Fourth of July weekend!

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  1. Clementine looks like baby Robin in the Popsicle picture.