Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// Excited to see Tangerine after hearing the director's and star's Fresh Air interview (listen here). It was shot with an iPhone!

// Isn't it funny how personal style changes? Until about 2008 I wondered, who would buy ankle boots? What do they go with?! Then I embraced the bootie, the shootie, the mid-calf boot and haven't purchased a tall boot in ages. Same thing with mules. Always disliked mules. But then I saw this Matt Bernson early fall release and thought, I NEED THOSE MULES! I really like the covered toe (ingrained from years of hospital work where bare toes are verboten). The right panel is an image from Real Simple typifying the mixed-print magic I aspire to. With mules!

// Date night at the ramen pop-up with a visiting chef at The Granary.

// Snack du jour: Popcorn. My new fave is Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink Popcorn. It has pink Himalayan salt which is completely different from the regular old en ay cee ell that plebeians eat.

// Pulling into the Central Market parking lot - expressly to purchase this popcorn and some food for the kids as an afterthought - we asked C, where are we? Eat bwefast? she replied. Because YES that is where we go to eat breakfast at least one weekend day. I felt both proud and chagrined.

// Nordstrom price match. I found the perfect oxford (not easy to find a menswear-inspired shoe that doesn't look like straight-up menswear in size 10 or 11, my friends) deeply discounted on the manufacturer's website and full price on But guess what - Nordie's price matches as along as that very size/style/color is available. I saved over $80 plus free shipping and free returns! #gottaspendmoneytosavemoney #that'snothowitworksJulie #yesitisLuke

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