Monday, July 6, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

Well last week...

// Pizza with my friend Michelle and her son in Oklahoma City.

// I just discovered Lucky Peach magazine. I enjoyed the holiday issue so much I immediately checked out the Obsession and All You Can Eat issues. If you like food and good writing about food, I recommend.

// Driveway caprese and driveway pesto. Caprese salad and pesto (whipped up in the Vitamix) with basil from the driveway. Is there anything more romantic than eating a leaf or vegetable or fruit that's sunshine-warm?

// The shopping list feature in the Target app. Search items in your store and add to list -- the app supplies the inventory status and the aisle number to minimize wandering. (Although wandering is most of the fun in a Target run). Other than walking around with my phone in my hand, this feature is great.

// Not having asparagus pee receptors. We roast a lot of asparagus and I can't smell this alleged 'asparagus pee' phenomenon. Other house inhabitants can.

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