Monday, July 27, 2015

An Inconvenient Tooth

The weekend in photos, mostly so I can share this tippy-toed spying on Daddy's van tire repair.

Brunch at Central Market: fried chicken with candied jalapenos over pancakes with a light drizzle of syrup, dotted with Sriracha. This is the perfect meal, Luke said.

Give me a pancake with no Sriracha noooooooooow!
Josie was clingy all weekend due to a new little lower tooth poking through. Insisted on being carried the entire time; hates the carrier. As C would say, MY TIRED.

Other C-isms from the weekend:

Luke spread a blanket over her crib and she exclaimed, "It's a house. A house in my cwib!" Later that night I woke her up to change her diaper and she sleepily muttered "I go back to my house."

Perusing the canned iced coffee selections at Target, I errantly put a can back on a mostly empty shelf. "NO GO DARE, NO GO DARE, NO GO DARE," she said with increasing agitation and volume. Oh! I said, and put it back in its place. "IT GO DARE," C said, satisfied.

Tiny tyrant corollary: At school her classroom is beyond a painted red line that all children must stop at before proceeding with an adult's permission. Her class, led by her teachers, walked back to the classroom from the gym... the class minus Clementine, who stopped at the red line. She would not budge until everyone, teachers included, returned to the red line, PAUSED, and then and only then continued to the classroom.

Back to brunch:

Your husbands are cute but mine is the CUTEST.


Checking to make sure the fork is night night.

Later I laid down beside this massive pile of laundry to read for a few moments while the girls napped. (The title might give you a sense of the battles going on around here: The Soul of Discipline: The Simplicity Parenting Approach to Warm, Firm, and Calm Guidance) But then Josie woke up and it was another day of backsliding, inconsistent parameters, and empty threats. #serenitynow

And look who made her appearance! My sister's baby Ava Belle! Hello sweet baby! She wore a Kickee Pants onesie home that my sister-in-law sent me. Reduce, recycle, renewborn.

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  1. Ava loves her Hinkle Hand-Me-Downs!!! The hat she wore home was also a gift from you!!!