Monday, July 13, 2015

Giraffic Park

We kicked off our weekend with a spontaneous date night. Spontaneous = secured the sitter morning-of. We saw Inside Out - the saddest movie ever made, more on that later - and because we had another hour, stopped at CVS for tiny succulents and a margarita at Flair a couple of doors down. "You want to go to CVS because you saw tiny plants there last summer?" Luke asked. "We're going to CVS for plants. Well, it is date night."

And lo there was a tray of little guys in the seasonal aisle. This margarita was as sweet and refreshing as it looks.

On Saturday morning we went to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, an attraction about 30 minutes from our house. I WANNA NOOK AT THE ANIMALS, C said.

A one-way drive meanders through the park and animals line the road hopeful for treats (one bag of ungulate kibble is provided).

Almost everyone rolled their windows down but not us -- we like having fingers.

We didn't know the names of most of these species so we lumped them into the category of 'deer'.

'Deer with long, curved back horns'.


You shall not pass! 


Still no.

Fairly confident those are gnu -- which I know from my reading. (Of Llama Llama Time to Share).

'Deer with curly horns'.

Petting zoo.

The next morning C and I went to Pearl for an iced coffee and a lemonade.

Riding the horse at Roo and Me.

Heard a car horn in the parking lot.

We shared beef and broccoli at Central Market and she slurped up all of the noodles...

... and then a miracle! She ate several florets.

After dinner playground time.

 Little bit of pizza sauce still hanging on here.

First time for a sister swing!

Luke came up with name Giraffic Park - not me. Usually I steal all of his ideas with impunity.

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