Friday, July 10, 2015

Birthday Weekend

My sister Elise and her husband Brett visited for the holiday/birthday weekend. I had Friday off and was able to have some time in the morning (gym, Lucy stop (side note: how cute is the scalloped hem of this top?), new prescription sunglasses stop) while Luke had the girls. Sweet freedom! When Brett and Elise arrived that evening and we finalized our weekend itinerary over sandwiches at our house.

They stayed at the JW Marriott Hill Country resort and the girls and I met them first thing Saturday morning for some pool time. I don't have any pics because our hands were full but it's a lovely complex and I'm scoping out military rates for an in-town getaway in September (there's a lazy river!) Both girls LOVE the water. Back home for naps because we had to be well-rested for a fourth of July pool party co-hosted by our friends the Browns and the Fudges. So much depends on the naps and by so much I mean everything.

The Fudges have the prettiest backyard with citrus trees, raised beds, beautiful potted plants, and a pool. We estimate C was in the pool for at least three hours in addition to her time in the morning - we predicted she would collapse in the car but no. She talked all the way home, through her bedtime routine, and we heard her playing, singing, and talking away in her crib. Indefatigable. All of us were in bed before the sky was dark.

The next day she recalled the afternoon - we've never heard her spontaneously reminisce about something and it was really exciting to hear: "So fun pway in the agua Mrs. Brown."

Pwaying in the agua with Mrs. Brown and Daddy.

This was the look on her face the whole time.

At least 25% of the kids under 5 at the Marriott pool were wearing this cross-chest floatie so I ran to Target during their nap to pick one up.

B & E came over to our house for a bit and then we planned our next day:

Birthday brunch at La Gloria and Pearl Farmers Market - happy 35th to me!


Having bubbles in the purse is my newest mom-trick.

J & B & E

[Naps] [Brett and Elise walked from Pearl to the Alamo and back. 'Fun...but really hot,' they said. That's actually San Antonio's official motto.]

Evening at the resort. We had dinner at the steakhouse 18 Oaks. The standout menu item for me was a single char grilled halved sweet onion that accompanied my filet. It was so perfect - I've got to try broiling or grilling some.

Postprandial cornhole.

This new double stroller is working out great if you're in the market.

C devised this game: she ran to the edge of the lawn, shouted and semaphored MOVE BACK! then ran to us full tilt to be scooped up and held aloft. Repeat x 20.

Then we saw a raccoon in the parking lot ('Raccoon eating the tree,' C said.)

Thanks for visiting, B & E! See you in Chicago in the fall!

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