Friday, July 10, 2015

Rocky Times

These girls are changing on a weekly basis so here's an attempt to remember what we're marveling at and laughing about now.

Josie's version of peekaboo

Big kiss!

Josie babbles but has no words yet. If she's like C she won't say much of anything until she's more than 24 months. She is very, very sensitive - a stern tone brings instant tears. She's taken to biting my shoulder when I hold her and I scold her, no Josie, no biting! First her nose turns red. Then her mouth crumples into a perfect C with her lip out, and then the crying begins.  If something similar happens when she's on the floor, legs extended at ninety degrees, she slooooowly sinks her forehead to the floor, wailing.

She has six teeth and weighed 21 pounds at her one year well baby visit. She has a metric in three quartiles: 85% for height, 65% for weight, 30% for head circumference. She's pulling up more and more frequently, no unsupported steps yet. She and Clementine are playing together more. Soon they will be thick as thieves.

She was sick in the beginning of this week and spent a lot of time like this:

C is saying some really hysterical things, like adding 'time' or 'times' to a phrase when asking or demanding a certain event:

Night times? when it's dark out. Then, it's NIGHT. It's NIGHT.

Morning times? when she wakes up followed by 'I wanna go back aseep.' Don't we all, honey.

Hopefully looking at the TV --> Watchin' the movie times?

And my favorite. Before she goes to bed we have a routine of holding and rocking her. She'll ask expectantly or scream when it's over too soon ROCKY TIMES! ROCKY TIMES!

She came home from school flipping us the bird with both hands and shouting BIDERMAN! Clementine, we asked, are you Spiderman? BIDERMAN! We coaxed her hands into the proper configuration (extended index and pinkie fingers) and now she's shooting webs proficiently. The concentration it takes for her to make the gesture, while using her other hand to force her middle and ring fingers down and unfold her pinkie and index fingers, is hysterical. BIDERMAN! PEW PEW PEW! I keep forgetting to ask about her teachers about this but I suspect a superhero little boy in her class is the source... on Tuesday she talked about SUPERMAN!

She can distinguish helicopters and airplanes by sound. Raspberries are 'razzbaters'. She insists on dressing herself I DO IT. Yesterday before going to the McNay Second Thursday food truck-and-music shindig Luke popped off her shoes to put on different ones. Enraged, she insisted on putting them back on immediately (with great effort and concentration) so she could take them off and put the new ones on herself. I give her a couple of outfit options and she reliably chooses pink and yellow and/or a 'pitty dress'.

While she was eating breakfast, I asked what does Mommy need to put on before work? [I wasn't wearing any pants yet] She looked me up and down and said YIPDICK [lipstick].

Josie was pushing a large plastic piece on the floor, making an earsplitting screech, and C couldn't see her from her crib (it was NAP TIMES) but she told Luke: 'Gigi pway with new baby high chair' which was exactly right - it was her new baby doll's high chair being scraped across the floor.

We've been reading this shapes book from the $1 Spot at Target. Every time goes like this:

Mommy/Daddy: What shape do you see? Egg... mirror... watermelon.

Clementine, shaking her head: No. Adocado. Itsa adocado.

While I'm at it, a few pics of our late afternoon at the McNay. We picked up burgers and shakes at Bun N Barrel. I give them an A+ for signage, B- for burgers.

This is her 'you have the phone and I don't' face.

Somethings that are working out great: the new stroller, having bubbles on hand, Hanna Andersson clothes, Keens (MY KEENS), the sun hat from Aunt Kristin and Uncle Dan. I'm learning, I'm getting there.

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