Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Weekend recap. On Saturday Luke departed for Dallas and we girls went to La Cantera. When the cat's away the mice will shop the Anniversary Sale, as the saying goes. When the boxes are ripped open and the final decisions made I'll share my picks. (Spoiler alert: booties!)

Lunch at the Bistro. Josie is almost a pro at straws -- a bit earlier we all shared a mocha banana ice storm with almond milk. (Almond milk makes it, like, 30 calories total).

Offering Beary White some bread.

"Would you take a picture so I can show my husband how easy it is to be out with the kids?" Part I.

When your lunch companion...

...covers you in 'butterfy dickers'.

Here I tried on a bunch of wireless bras because I have a permanent bruise on my sternum from an ill-fitting, pokey underwire.  My 2015 word may be QUALITY but subcategories include SOFT, STRETCHY, and ELASTIC.

Hanna Andersson haul.

I ordered the top and leggings at the top left to the store for free shipping. Then the salesgirls pulled a bunch of coordinating items so that everything goes together. The striped tee is so soft ('So soff,' as C would say) I wish it came in mom-size. The teal dress and knee socks are each reversible.This is the sort of highly coordinated, capsule future wardrobe I envision for myself but with cashmere sweaters and silk pajama pants. So soff.

Home again: Rain boots, swim cap, loading of cart with shoes.

NIGHT NIGHT SHOES! C has started draping her napkin over her asparagus - night night beans! - and sheets of stickers - night night dickers!

Sunday morning we applied our YIPDICK (Armani sheer 400) and went to Central Market for a croissant and weighing of our excursion options.

Sassy girls and their croissant.

It was 9:15 and overcast and only 80 degrees so far so I decided we would check out the zoo for the very first time. I WANNA NOOK AT THE ANIMALS!

"Would you take a picture so I can show my husband how easy it is to be out with the kids?" Part II.
C was wearing polka dot ankle tights and she commented on my new ridiculous pants: MOMMY AND CATTYTINE COKE-A DOT PANTS TOO! [Polka dots are either coke-a dots or potah dots.]

Custom hip bag - so awesome - is from Allyson of Sennit and Sauvage.

 Zoo times.

Flamingos are funny.

What's that? AN ALLIGATOR! C replied.

Josie was near dozing the entire time but pulled it together for a photo:

When Luke returned from Dallas we went to the new exhibits at the McNay, a collage exhibit and Leslie Dill: Performance As Art. Most of the pieces were costumes from dance/spoken word pieces featuring the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

IT'S A BUTTERFY - Clementine.

The Cove for dinner. I wanna pway on the pwayground!

I suppose I gravitate to the same places in SATX because I dig their genius loci: The Cove, Barbaro, the Pearl complex, oh yes Central Market. This place is full of good vibes and great food. We shared the sweet potato hash (note to self: replicate at home), bean and cheese nachos, and sweet potato custard. I did NOT share the fish taco with the spicy crema because I love it so much.

Grocery store for weekly staples (bananas). Our household is powered by Chiquita. I love Josie's expressions here.

BUILDING A MYSTERY:  Luke pointed to a display of fruit and asked C what they were. MAYN-OHS she said. No, he replied, they're pears or something... [reading the sign]... they're mangoes?!!
We have no idea how she knows that.


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    1. Little girls are so cute. Love the story your pictures tell