Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// New apps:
Togethera: a private Instagram/Facebook like interface. I have a feed for the spear and the distaff sides of the family.
Wunderlist: a handy way to make and share to-do lists. Instead of incessant text messages, I can make incessant updates to the Honey-do list Luke and I share.
College Nannies and Tutors: now our sitter service operates through an app. I look at the date in question, see which sitters are available, and request through the app. The sitter accepts and voila look who's going out on a date night.

// Josh Ritter's All Songs Considered interview and new single (listen here) - featuring a great rhyme with 'Missouri'.

image via

// I've talked about how much I enjoy Orlando Soria's blog Hommemaker. What I haven't talked about is how I've actually considered writing him to say - I love your blog, I think you're hilarious, please come to my house and fix it. Fix it!

His recent post One Bathroom Four Ways is muy inspiring. Plants in the bathroom. Needs to happen.

The pink bathroom is such tranquil perfection and the linked CB2 towels such the perfect shade of pink I clicked on over and think I need those towels, stat. Or maybe I should start with decreasing the turnaround time between each step: towels in dryer -> clean towels in basket -> folded towels -> folded towels actually put away. Maybe start there, self? Maybe start there before I buy new towels to skip the last two steps and use directly from basket?! I'm not a grown-up.

// Another re-blog from my favorite Go Fug Yourself. Heather's commentary on Amy Schumer's unfunny, unsexy GQ cover is exactly what I'd want to say if I'd given it any thought and could write like she does. Brava, Heather!  Jessica's captions in a slideshow for Prince George's second birthday are hysterical. Love you, Fug Girls!

// I usually flip right through Southern Living's house features because their style is not my style. This Best New Home spread stopped me in my tracks --- so gorgeous!!! I actually spent time studying each photo then ripped out the feature and put in my 'inspiration - home' file.

// When you don't wear business clothes, business clothes become very fascinating (the grass is never as green as when your side is camouflage). Some interesting things going on in comfort shoe wear that I wanted to alert you to, Friends Who Wear Real Clothes:

Top left: These Clarks conjure up the following word associations: dame, gams, hey mister, gal Friday.

Top right: just like 'em. You know how I feel about closed toe clogs.

Bottom panel: These Clarks are weird and spacey and orthotic. I find something edgy about them however...


... as if they are the budget-conscious yet sartorially adventurous weird-yet-well-heeled cousin of these Alexander Wang boots ($595) and Loeffler Randall pumps ($350)

// And other ridiculous fashion news, I've been thinking about how many times I would have to wear my $785 star cape to make the cost-per-wear worth it. I SAY ONE TIME THIS IS THE MOST FABULOUS THING I'VE EVER SEEN.

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