Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Places To Go

Facebook clickbait: How many states have you visited?

This was my result:

Have not visited: Mississippi, Arkansas, Nebraska, Vermont, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Alaska. Not 100% sure about North Dakota.

I've been dayscheming with destinations to fill out this map.

TRAIN TRIP. I love train travel (and the idea of train travel). I've never been on an overnight train trip. Enter Amtrak's Empire Builder: Chicago - Milwaukee - St. Paul/Minneapolis - Spokane - Portland/Seattle. This itinerary checks off Wisconsin and Oregon.

It's a 46 hour trip OR a hop-on, hop-off multiday adventure, like the 10 day Glacier National Park Discovery. Or this, a 16 day journey from Seattle to NYC. I see myself looking out the window while Simon and Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound" plays in the background.

Actually I'd like to see all of our Chicago folks, visit Molly and John in Minneapolis (please make The Beans, Molly), spend a few days in Glacier roughing it here, hit up of our Seattle friends, and then travel to Portland. (And then drive from Portland to LA; return to SA via the Sunset Limited - portion of which we rode to Marfa (Marfa I and Marfa II). I'm starting a Kickstarter for my vacations if you'd like to contribute.

And then I found this: Great National Parks. Little too much 'motorcoach' in this one.


Anyway, I am so eager to take this kind of trip... a road trip with no driving. Ideal!

BREAD SCHOOL I'd love to attend the King Arthur Baking School in Norwich, Vermont. A four day course + Vermont sight-seeing. If this sounds fun to you, call me! We'll go.

NEBRASKA AND MISSISSIPPI Alright, I don't have particular destinations in mind here. Nothing that Southern Living, Garden & Gun, and Becky couldn't fix.

ARKANSAS A visit to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the awfully named but awfully beautiful contemporary art museum in Bentonville.

ALASKA What about an Empire Builder journey PLUS Alaska cruise?


Other must-sees I'm thinking about right now: White Sands, New Mexico; New York City for Broadway shows; Phoenix (my sister and I have elaborate plans to stay at the Phoenician), Luke hasn't been to Boston (hey wait, Vermont by way of Boston is perfect); Mackinac Island; Big Sur. Those are the stateside ones. Next up: the world!

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