Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One on One

I'm trying to carve out little bits of time with each girl. Last week we had two mini-dates:

A cookie at Panera after the gym.

Dinner at Nordstrom Bistro and a promise of picking out new bath bombs at Lush. I should have re-considered when she declared I DIDN'T NAP at school but off we went. She found a new unicorn and a stick of gummy candies in the kid department and ate about half of my steak frites... the steak part. "I don't like fries." Weirdo. (The herb-sprinkled fries with kalamata aioli at Nordstrom Bistro is one of my top ten favorite foods).

We walked to Lush and selected new bath bombs (I bought and used this one -- smells wonderful) No surprise that C chose the unicorn horn. Things got a little rocky when she darted away from me in Nordstrom and did not heed my pleas exhortations threats instructions to return to my side. We have to work on listening.

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