Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Breast Dance Party Ever

I have hardly any photos of Jenny's epic Breast Dance Party Ever, her brainchild that raised $18,000 for Gateway to Hope, a local organization that provides aid (of several kinds) to breast cancer patients. That's a shame but the party was incredible!!!!

I took the day off to help with the party but spent the morning at work (it's very difficult to finish cases in a day) and went to Studio Branca to get my hair done.

The venue:

The Flavor Savers performed, everybody danced, and Jenny and Tanya did an awesome job as the event chairs.

So many people that I know and love were there -- it was fantastic and so fun. Like a wedding minus all the tiresome parts of a wedding.

Meanwhile, the girls were with my parents. They are holding hands! 💔


Spa treatments.

The friend-party marched on: I saw Mary Noel the next day, then Mike and Eric from Chicago. Luke went out with the Flavor Savers that night so I had the strange sensation of being alone in my house at night.

The next morning Amy, Jerome, and Paige - visiting all the way from LA - came over for brunch.

My mom meeting Paige.

Jenny put Susanne -- visiting all the way from San Diego - on a train back to California, but not before we made plans for a poolside girls' weekend in SoCal.

These girls came over for Breakfast for Dinner before the train. Happy to report this buttermilk powder works and makes buttermilk pancakes a pantry-staple recipe.

If this post sounds sedate it's because it is -- shortly after this my friend's husband succumbed to a rare blood disorder within two months of diagnosis. It's a loss so vast and profound and unfair and sudden it defies fathoming. Please consider a donation, here, at a GoFundMe account created for their family.

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