Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend!

On Friday morning I made plans with Jenny to come over for breakfast for dinner and Josie was so overjoyed (about Jenny, about the pancakes):


Jenny came over, bringing the flour that I needed, and I made creamed spinach (from our hospital CSA) and buttermilk pancakes and oven-baked bacon and it seemed to take 90 minutes and at least 15 utensils, pots, and bowls. The girls watched Moana and we cackled over the possible matches on Jenny's Tinder and Bumble apps. (Gird yer loins, men of greater St Louis!)

Jenny stayed over in our studio space and in the morning we had scrambled eggs and more Moana:

Then I went to a workout with my personal trainer (hi, Courtney!) and on to Nordstrom Rack (returns) and Nordstrom (returns and oh a purchase or three).

The rest of the day I puttered around the house - laundry, Daniel Tiger, some reading, made caramelized onions (hospital CSA!) and served them with organic Costco hamburger patties retrieved from the depth of freezer prepared in the cast iron pan (followed these instructions; for the onions I turned to my fave all-purpose cookbook).

Josie and I discussed our visit to the Butterfly House. She's never been there (and I didn't explain what to expect) and she kept saying NO OPEN YOU MOUF [in the Butterfly House] and:

We had planned on watching La La Land but it still isn't available on iTunes so it was two episodes of Daniel Tiger and bedtime for the whole family -- we were exhausted. These days Luke is reading The Sportswriter and I've put down The Royal We for The Obesity Code.

My youngest sister sent this message to me and our middle sister this morning and I bark-laughed out loud.

Butterfly House with Gamma and Pop Pop.

Josie taking cover cracks me up.

Bob's into suspenders now.

Inspecting a gravel-colored butterfly.

The carousel at Faust Park. Indoor and empty besides us!

Cheesecake Factory for brunch.

My mom isn't wearing any foundation -- she just got BBL at Erickson Dermatology 💥💥💥  WOWZA! 

The girls didn't nap (DST is horrible) and finally C (who had changed into a swimsuit and smeared her legs with Aquaphor during her no-nap) and I went to the grocery store for the staples (pineapple spears, apples, pre-sliced mango, deli meat, carrots - crinkle cut, the better for scooping hummus, caffeine free Diet Coke (baby steps for me)). More Moana. Laundry. Planning our busy week ahead. Putting off folding all the laundry.

Off for cheeseburgerfreezerburger + onions for me and brunch leftovers for the girls. Have a good week!

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