Sunday, March 19, 2017

Review: That Underwear Featured in Facebook Ads

Thinx underwear is menstrual underwear intended to save money (no tampons or pads) and the environment (no tampons or pads). As a woman who menstruates and who has been putting diapers into landfills for four years, I wanted to do something to right this balance somewhat, a tiny bit, karmically.

Enter Thinx underwear which I ordered after seeing Facebook ads for them all.the.time. When the package arrived and I explained them to Luke, unpacking and unwrapping them (my selections: the sport and the hiphugger):

Me: You just wear them, bleed on 'em, and then wash them with the rest of your clothes.

Luke: [only mildly horrified, because he's a woke bae] Like a diaper?

Me: Like an environmentally friendly diaper.

Now for the review: I think they're awesome. Comfortable. Not gross, if you were wondering. I love not putting extra trash into the world. If you have *very* heavy periods they may not work for you. If you have constant bleeding due to a uncommon IUD side effect like I did, you're going to like them a lot.

Some links regarding commerce, science, and the patriarchy:

Periods...They're expensive... Someone got real scientific about how much blood is lost (not nearly as much as you think)... Menstruation is a global health and education issue (see what is doing about that here).

Buying through the link above gets you and me $10 off our purchase. Thanks, sister! 
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