Thursday, March 30, 2017

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// Lucinda Williams' self-titled album (1988) Haven't listened to it in a while and it is just so great.

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// Finally finishing The Royal We. It's a delightfully written book (by my favorite bloggers) but it reads like a screenplay and I wish I could have just watched the movie. That said, I hope it becomes a movie! My next read is Oryx and Crake, a Margaret Atwood novel my sister recommended while I wait for The Handmaid's Tale to become available - I want to re-read that before watching the Hulu miniseries that premieres April 26. (Earlier this month women dressed in costumes from the novel protested, silently, at the Texas State Capitol - a stunning and wordlessly elegant rebuke of measures being considered there. Go art! Go literature!)

// Wondering where I have room for a plant stand like this or this.

// This Skin Medica sunscreen is AMAZING. No white cast at all. Great finish for wearing under makeup or bare-faced (me this week).

// I'm making iced coffee now with this so-simple recipe. The other recipes I've tried have turned out too bitter or have too much particulate in them, necessitating rounds of filtering that I just don't feel up to in the morning. Lately I've been using preground Caribou Coffee Vanilla Hazelnut Dreamstate, because it was on the clearance end-cap and I like the name. I mix 2/3 of a cup of grounds with 3 cups of water, stir, let sit overnight, then press. No additional filtration needed. Splash of cream, dash of cinnamon, add ice. I like the commenter's idea of making coffee ice cubes.

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  1. I make iced coffee in the mornings for work. I use Pete's decaf, liquid stevia, cream and a slash of sugar free vanilla latte syrup (this doesn't make a difference in the taste, I won't rebuy after I've used it all). I also make it with crushed ice, which makes a big difference.