Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Opening Day

My sister and brother-in-law Brett drove down from Chicago for a visit and the Cardinals' opening day.

They arrived late Friday night and in the morning Elise and I went to the gym, ordered Imo's for lunch (her request but really it had been too long since my last Imo's), and checked out a nearby optical shop (I love glasses) in the interim. (Elise: Those round ones look like the guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Another request was dinner at Bristol which was delicious (see Josie eating a lobster corn dog) and hilarious -- our table had a view of the kitchen and Josie said: Dare's a chef in dare.

Me: A what?

Josie: A chef!

(Turns out my mom taught her about this).

... thinking about the next time I can go to Bristol... biscuits... shrimp cocktail... fruity cocktails....

We enjoyed Silky's frozen custard at home and watched Moana. (Moana is the rare movie that gets better each time you watch it). The girls loved having Aunt Ah-yease and Untle Breh visit -- Josie woke up during the night because of a storm and got in bed with me; when she woke up her first words were: We go wake up Untle Breh?

Sunday morning was a breakfast of oven-baked bacon and scrambled eggs and another trip to the gym. Then downtown for opening day! We picked up take out from Dierbergs and met my parents at their room at the Westin, with a window on the stadium. 

We saw the Clydesdales, Hall of Famers, and a pretty tepid KissCam -- personally, I want some DISPLAYS OF PASSION on the KissCam or nothing at all.

Luke considering becoming a Cardinals fan.

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