Saturday, February 18, 2017

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// Tom Lenk's red carpet re-creations with household materials make me laugh - so does this NYT profile. His Blake Lively is hilarious. And he played the piano-playing butler in the season 3 finale of Transparent - what a scene that is.

// Taffy Brodesser-Akner's celebrity profiles in GQ. So good I need to get a subscription. Enjoyed these interviews with Toms Hiddleston (still have not seen him in anything, ever) and Ford.

// Speaking of Tom Ford, I am loving the Plum Japonais perfume I bought myself for Christmas. Who was that enchantress who just glided by on a cloud? I think to myself. OH IT WAS ME. It smells fabulous.

// I've been thinking a lot about this polka dot sweater. ("Julie, you mean the adult-size child's sweater that's $300?" That's the one!) Why does this polka dot sweater appeal to me so much? After some introspection and the moment when I described my preferred color palette when it comes to my clothes as "like a bruise... black, brown, maroon, mustard yellow..." I realize I want some FUN in my clothes! Whimsy! Brightness! Quirky! Going to start working on this. BUT: it's much easier to stick to a dour, somber, bruise scheme. QUIRK TAKES WORK, especially for work, because it can so easily look juvenile.

// As always, these two:

One person is sick, one person is tired, one person is neither.

 Guess who!

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