Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's Making Me Happy This Week

Cozy Edition!

It was almost seventy earlier in the week and yesterday I was surprised to see SNOW on my windshield when I left work. Here are some warm snuggly soft things I'm finding or re-finding this week. My usual style follows the simple, unbreakable rules of: it must be soft, it must be stretchy but in the depths of February I add the following adjectives: fuzzy, furry, woolly, warm. 

// Smart Wool socks. I'm slowly upgrading all of my socks to Smart Wool (or Woven Pear because bacon.) I stalk Amazon for last season's discounted pairs or find them at my nearby Birkenstock store where the clerk gave me 5% off for a purchase of several pairs. Another reason to shop local.

// Hanes bra. I went on a wirefree bra quest last year because I could not bear another all-day sternal rub and this, the least expensive of my finds, is my favorite. Almost impossible to recommend a bra to someone else because boobs are like snowflakes: All beautiful in their own way pretty for a second then they melt away forever.

// I found my eucalyptus-scented neck warmer wrap thingie this week and I had forgotten how pleasant it is. (similar here, I bought mine at a spa).

// Nice face-feels: my new Paula's Choice primer with SPF arrived this week with a small sample of moisturizing oil. There are times when applying several potions to my face at night feels luxurious and others when it feels like drudgery (these happen in three week blocks for me) but right now antioxidant serum + C15 booster + few drops of oil feels like a treat. My skin feels supple and the oil keeps winter/other product-related flakiness at bay.

// Don't own, wish I did, looks cozy: I'm very intrigued by the Tory Sport line despite my own style never leaning preppy or sporty. I could wear this polka dot sweater and leggings and some snazzy sneakers everyday and be comfortable and fun and just about ready for anything. Ready to spring into action at any moment. Impromptu yoga. Take off running after toddlers. Or settle into the couch with Top Chef on the TV and some books that will be considered briefly before being passed over for Real Simple. It's called athleisure, after all.

image via Tory Sport

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