Tuesday, August 1, 2017


// After talking about cousins Baby Ava and Baby William in Colorado, Clem wondered aloud, "Hey, when is Aunt Elise's baby gonna come out?" [late August!]

// Regarding Luke shirtless: "You got blood nickels." [blood = red, nickels = nipples]

// We were looking online at the adorable new mermaid costumes from Lovelane and closing the laptop and turning to the nighttime book, Beauty and the Beast, Clementine exclaimed:

I wish we had these costumes! [without missing a beat] Josie can be the Beast and I can be Beauty!

*I just realized that the illustrator of this book is the Mercer Mayer of Little Critter fame.

// As we were reading the book, I asked Clementine what porridge was (we haven't used that word before or encountered it in a book). Clem thought for a moment and said:

It's what bears eat.

She must read Goldilocks at school and I laughed and thought of this poem.

// In the same vein but much less cute, she finished her popsicle today and then pantomimed SMOKING. Inhale, exhale a puff. I was aghast.

Me: What are you doing?
C: Smoking a pipe. {exhales}
Me: Where did you see that?! [racking my brain] Pocahontas? The bad guy smokes a pipe?
C: No, Dumbo! At Grandma's house. {puff}

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