Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pink Eye / Silver Lining

Visiting Amanda's kittens on Friday evening. Girls: thrilled; kittens: not so much.

After my workout with Courtney on Saturday morning I had text from Luke: Josie has conjunctivitis. But we have three parties to go to! Luckily my mom was free and she picked up Josie for a weekend of convalescence... and girl time and movies. I had lamented to Luke that I want to spend more one on one time with C and this weekend afforded me that opportunity - pink eye/silver lining.

I redeemed a hot stone massage Groupon and C and I went to the library and the grocery store. I checked out National Geographic's 50 States 5000 Ideas and re-checked out A Really Big Lunch.

Little feet hanging off the chair - so cute. She picked out a book with CD that we've been listening to nonstop this week -- and she holds the book so Josie can see the pages from her car seat vantage point. So sweet.

Pool party at our friends' house! C swam and swam and swam and used the "shotty thing - it makes shots" [the water gun] and ate pizza and then more pizza in the car on the drive home -- her best day ever?

The next morning we went to a brunch at our friends' house as they prepare to leave their condo with this spectacular view and move to historic home a few blocks away.

Clementine, looking at the basilica: Who lives in that castle?!

Another pool party! C swam with her friends and we had lots of time to visit in the shade poolside.

She fell asleep on the ride home and I carried her inside. She napped on me for a bit and I loved it.

When she woke up she wanted apple slices - and tomatoes! - and raspberries! and I made dinner for us and the Band Uncles (aka the Ba-duncles): an air chilled roast chicken a la Dinner, roasted green beans, caprese salad (C picked the basil from the plant on the porch), steamed corn on the cob. For dessert I sliced up my farm share peaches and made whipped cream. It was a delicious day.

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