Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chicago Visit

A quick Chicago trip before my sister has her first baby! 

My flight was delayed but on the upside I flipped through the many months of magazines I'd lugged along. Brett and Elise picked me up from the airport and we got Thai takeout on the way home.

In the morning Elise and I worked out and then the three of us went to Burger Brunch at Au Cheval.

This is a terrible photo but a great idea: a huge muffin split in two and griddled. Brilliant! I will steal this idea for my next Taste of Costco brunch. Bottom frame: cheeseburger with an egg and very thick bacon.

Was enjoying brunch when I received this text from Luke:

Luke freed himself and the girls!  Whew! Elise and I took advantage of the glorious weather and walked to Michigan Avenue because, hello, Anniversary sale. Then we Ubered back to their neighborhood to see Baby Driver which isn't my sort of movie at all, but I loved it! And the recliner movie seats were fantastic.

To Elgin for Eric's birthday party! Great company and great food poolside.

Sitting by a cat in cat pajamas is the cat's pajamas.

Workout, biannual mani/pedi, and hanging out in Lincoln Park. Sandwiches at Chicago Bagel Authority...

all sold out but I enjoy the name very much.

I love this catalog and didn't even know they had brick and mortar stores. Ikat wishes and batik dreams...

Another delayed flight, more magazines, meanwhile Luke held down the fort.

The next Chicago visit is already planned: a fancy dinner out, a wedding, a new baby to visit!

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