Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I Can See A Lot of World From Here

First time off the diving board. Her instructor was in the water and she needed a little coaxing the first time...

And couldn't wait for her second.

Dinner after swimming.

"I can see a lot of world from here." - Clementine, taking in this view from the corner booth at Qdoba.

"Hey Josie, smile!"

"Hey Josie, look mad!" Same face.

Bedtime. We read St George and the Dragon which has so many great vocabulary words including Josie's favorite fled  ("it means you wun away fast!") and Clem's favorite glared ("like Lulu in Ladybug Girl! [who glares at her brother]) Bedtime reading, always important, always prioritized, suddenly has become gratifying and wondrous.

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