Friday, July 14, 2017

The Gruffalo

We have watched The Gruffalo a few times on Netflix every now and then and when C saw the book at Novel Neighbor we purchased it. It has become a bedtime favorite -  I love that part! when she hears her favorite couplet "A gruffalo? What's a gruffalo? / A gruffalo? Why, didn't you know?"

I bought the audiobook for 95 cents and they adore listening to it in the car (and The Gruffalo's Child). AGAIN! they shout. We listen to this 7 minute recording a few times in a row during each trip. It delights me how the repetition makes it richer for them, more enjoyable with each listen. I love that snake voice! Clementine says when the narrator adds a hiss: Where are you going, little brown moussssssssse...

I bought the audiobook less than two weeks ago and now they both recite it!

Amazing! said the gruffalo.

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  1. This is darling! Audiobooks for the win!