Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Favorite New Thing

My favorite new thing is a hot bag of beans.

Actually, a steaming bag of lentils and chickpeas.


I came across Tasty Bite meals in a 4 pack at Costco, first the Madras lentils and channa masala the next trip.  Zap the bag for 60 seconds and you have yourself a spicy vegetarian lunch (vegan, in the case of the channa masala).  And it is tasty!  I've been trying to move to a more plant-based diet and though a convenience food, Tasty Bites are a step in the right direction, with a bunch of vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/kosher foods.  Today I rounded it out with baby carrots and black bean hummus.  Roughage, people, serious roughage.

Downside: a wee bit expensive for an MRE, but they seem to be a responsible company.

[Someday I'm going to read this book - I've checked it out three times.]

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