Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Likes & Finds

Weird wonderful Wolky.  Saw these in Santa Fe - love 'em.  Also like these (the return of the high top is a compelling argument for the circularity of the universe rather than its linearity), these mj's (the cloggy the better), and these blue suede booties.

Also in Santa Fe: a beret with ears by Ducks in a Row SF.  Looking forward to their clothing line.   Because I like things that achieve paradoxical HARD CORE WHIMSY.

This bedding!  Just feminine enough.

Do not go gently - go fabulously!

This weekend we had sweet potato pudding (or mousse?  I didn't see the menu) at the Cove and it was scrumptious.  Pie filling sans crust essentially.  Looking to replicate at home - maybe this.

That's it from here - attempting to go to bed earlier so I don't arrive home in a heap at 5, ready for a nap, every day.  C has a fever which we are attributing to teething.  No teeth yet... But if the timing is right I will have a baby with two little teeth, and I can put that same baby in a ridiculous Halloween costume.  And that circular universe will explode with cuteness!

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  1. Oh. Em. Gee. That bedding is to die for! I absolutely love it--and you're right-- it's just the perfect amount of femininity. Also? I totally love that peacock costume and wish they had it for dogs.