Monday, September 2, 2013

Out West, Part II

Part II of our Out West Adventure was traveling from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Denver to rendezvous with the clan at


Creeping around the house in the morning before everyone was up, taking pictures because it's goooooorgeous.  Built in the 1800s with a new interior and drip irrigated planters and garden.  And steps away from a cute shopping district. Can we housesit?  Indefinitely?

Good morning Betsy!

CUTE stuff at Real Baby; scored an Anthropologie dress and blingy necklace for $34 at the consignment shop across the street.

And then the clan descended for a celebration for my uncle Keith.  Most of us have left St Louis so it's a real treat to get together.

Luke's college friend Brian joined us from Frisco for the festivities:

Ashleigh and Jeff

Sam and Abby

The Out-Laws: Joe and Tiemin

Paula and Bob

Ashleigh and Ben are expecting their first child in a few weeks!  Exciting stuff for them and the fam.

C adored Keith.

Brian and Clemmie

Hillsdale redux
photo by Jeff

photo by Jeff - Kunkel siblings

Photo by Jeff - my favorite of the party

Dino Ridge the next day:

photo by Jeff

Lunch at Switchback Smokehouse:

The deck overlooked this river - so beautiful --



The greatest little traveler.  She had no issues on the plane, even after we taxied for 2 hours before departure, and the Ergobaby (and my shirt) were soaked through with urine and she was still hamming it up and smiling hugely for other passengers at 12:30 a.m. She also slept the entire 8 hour car trip from Wyoming to Denver #dreambaby.
VIPs (very important products) of this trip: the Ergobaby, stripey rash guard swim tee that I wear as an everyday UPF shirt, Teva Zirra sandals.

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