Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Last week we travelled to Nashville, saw Feist, met up with Alex and explored the city:

Overheard a barbershop quartet practicing just around the corner from the Nat'l B-shop Quartet Headquarters (unrelated: this is a great documentary):

Walked over to Jack White's record store/studio, Third Man Records.  Which, known to us now but unbeknownst at the time, is flanked by a methadone clinic and two swingers clubs.

Parking lot of Third Man; the inside is entirely yellow and black.  Read about Jack White's new album, Third Man and its use of color here

Stopped in Hatch Show Print:

Went to Honky Tonk Central and Robert's Western World:

Drinkin' beers on Tuesday

Then to the Ryman to see Feist!

Outside-the-Ryman smooches

Fabulous show. (One of the best shows I've ever seen-- Luke). Afterward we walked around downtown for a bit:

Chicken purse in a window

Cocktail place

The next day we met up with Alex at his cousin's home to explore the city:

But first, a little music.

12 South neighborhood
Las Paletas gourmet popsicles with new friend Emily:

Bon Appetit-endorsed Mas Tacos Por Favor food truck:

Quinoa and sweet potato taco

Mas tacos, por favor!
 MTPF is parked outside of handmade-denim store Imogene and Willie:

Note watchdog
 Katy K's Ranch Dressing westernwear:

Met up with Alex's cousin Sophia and her son Benjamin for a sandwich.  Saw this dapper couple:

They swore the yellow and navy coordination was just an accident.

Benjamin makes a muscle.  Grrr!

East Nashville
I Dream of Weenie semi-permanent food truck

Full service weenery.

Wrapped it up with a show by David Berkley and Garrison Starr at the Rutledge.

After a great two days of music and friends and tacos, this party-of-two winged northward for the next leg of our trip: Chicago!


  1. I feel like Tina Fey: "I want to go there." It looks like you had a great time!

  2. Love your pics! Nashville looked like so much fun. I love how you take pics of strangers : )