Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Finolan Twins

We flew from Nashville to Chicago and headed out to Elgin to see our dear friends Mike and Eric, and meet their twins Maeve and Fiona!

And take my favorite photo of the trip:

So much love.

Maeve wonders, who is this rookie?!

going for a stroll

Just so cute

Heart melt

Note others enjoying some tummy time as well

Tummy time with Michael, Maeve, Fiona and Luke

Mike made dinner: tandoori chicken, biryani, palak paneer and naan; samosas from Indian store; delicious!

But there was still room for a sundae at the Chick N Dip:

everyone in the minivan

Luke borrows some glasses...

In the morning we headed into the city for the third stop: wedding.  But not before some more cuddles:

Much love to you, Finolan family!

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  1. what gorgeous girls! So lucky to be so loved :)