Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Field Trip: John Irving in Dallas

Perusing Texas Monthly, I saw an ad for the Dallas Museum of Art's Arts & Letters Live program, including an evening with John Irving.  Favorite author.  Had to go.

Luke and I headed to Dallas for a 14 hour visit.  Walked around the downtown, stayed at an ALoft hotel (which we recommend, swanky and reasonably priced), shot some pool, attended the event at the Majestic Theatre.

Seeing John Irving was - and I do not say this flippantly- a dream come true.  He discussed the major themes of his books (loss of parent/child/limb, sexual identity, faith, wrestling), did the OWEN MEANY VOICE (!), how much critics discount the creative process (ie, the assumption that everything in a novel must originate in the author's life rather than his imagination), among other topics.  I am so eager to read his newest, In One Person, and re-read his oeuvre.  It was thrilling to see and hear a giant of the American literary canon.  On the heels of the This American Life Live theatre event and taking my first piano lesson this evening, it's been a banner week for nerding out.

And then we met up with my friends from medical school, Tina and Joe, and had a great time catching up.  (Regretting deeply lack of picture).  We laughed and laughed and headed back to SATX in the morning smiling to each other, thinking, What a great little trip.

A Little Bit of the Big D:

We thought the building in the background looked like the building in the opening credits of Mad Men, if not precisely then in 60's mod spirit.

p.s.  Dallas, we are coming back!  I have a lot of friends I want to visit, and we have so much exploring to do.  Dallasites, please leave suggestions!

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