Thursday, September 3, 2015


The New York Times Magazine featured an artist whose exhibition of her search history uncovers:
She captures the perversity that characterizes most of our relationships with the Internet. We obsess over our self-presentation on social media, while constantly leaving traces of our true selves elsewhere, often without even realizing it. Call it ‘‘dark data’’: the trail of information collected by companies like Amazon, Seamless and Uber about what we really do in our free time, about our splurges and snack preferences — all those unsharable details that we rarely boast about on our feeds.
I turned that over in my mind for a while. What do I think is interesting and/or important? Let's ask my camera roll.

Time for another round of screenshots!

More from my spiritual advisor Dallas Clayton. This made me laugh out loud.


Go get 'em tiger!

Pink and red is my favorite color combination.


Also, goldfish and banana peels.



Been there.

I was dangerously close to losing the inability to even recently.

Amanda and I are buying these hats. Then solving mysteries. Even if those mysteries are the whereabouts of the cheapest mimosas in St Louis (we spent all of our money on $200 hats).

This book is a quick enjoyable read.

Dallas Hartwig of Whole 30 fame drops some real truth bombs on Instagram (see photo and accompanying text). I'm off of Facebook for the month.

Not sure where she's going but I want to go there too.


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