Thursday, September 17, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// This wonderfully done story about Atlanta food critic Christine Lauterbach. I love the 'no, I'm not interested in your opinion' part.

// Trader Joe's succulents. $5.96 x 3 = happier windowsill.

// Vesuvio pasta. I saw this shape at Central Market (where else?) and it's really delightful to eat.
// Iris was so good! Between her and Christine Lauterbach, the coolest people around are definitely unapologetic old women. This was muy inspiring. Three cheers for iconoclasts.

// Sushi with the fam. Josie is just out of the frame. C ate most of a plate of udon noodles... J did what she usually does with any food -- chews, makes face, spits out.

// Lovelane superhero outfit - how cute huh? Of course C will not put it on.

// Halved jalapenos schmeared with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. 425 for 25ish minutes. I buy these more frequently at HEB than I like to admit. But fatty salty spicy creamy? It's the perfect food. (At the sushi place we had the jalapeno bomb... you guessed it! A halved jalapeno schmeared with cream cheese, breaded in panko, fried, and drizzled with soy sauce. Mommy loves umami).

// Yoga Studio app. Trying to be good about at least 15 minutes most nights of the week.

// Loving the New Classics Pop-In Shop at Specifically this coat (olive green and pink are one of my favorite favorite combinations), this backpack, this ridiculous beanie, and this ridiculous sweatshirt.

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