Thursday, September 3, 2015

Life Lately

I'm still pretty annoying about answering 31 months! when asked how old Clementine is. (I mean, 30 months??? 12 months plus 12 months plus a bit more... your kid is 2, lady).


She is so different month to month that 31 is so different from 29 that '2 years old' just doesn't cut it. Some anecdotes:

In April she didn't have novel two word phrases. Now she asks: What happened, Mommy? / What that noise is, Mommy? / It's a tiny piece of paper towel. / You tired, Mommy? / And my favorite question, what that called, Mommy? [It's a hose; we water the plants with it.] It's like she's a tiny tourist on planet Earth.

ME: What does a dog eat?
C: Strawberries!
ME: What does a cat eat?
C: Tomatoes!
ME: What does Josie eat?
C: Gnocchi!

We haven't eaten or talked about gnocchi in over a month. And I didn't know what gnocchi was until I was at least 23 years old.

Not Without My Baby: The Clementine Jack Story. She loves her baby doll, feeds her baby doll, puts her in her purse, puts her night-night, and must know where she is at all times.

Clementine is singing all the time now -- Wheels on the Bus, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep, something about clapping, and Everybody Wants To Be a Cat - just the first line.

Poor Josie has been treated to 14 months of benign neglect as we keep her sister from jumping off of things. This week I was reading Hello Highlights to her (she and C both love these) and on the find it page I asked her, Josie, where's the bear? And she pointed to the bear. I had no idea she knew what a bear was.

Josie doesn't have any words yet (thinking she will follow C's slow-but-expontential language curve) but has starting saying BA! BA! BA! often when a ball is around.

She's started preferring me to everyone else, a post-12 month development. She has it rough because she doesn't sleep much at school and some days (like yesterday) won't sleep at all: she arrives home, eyes glazed over, cranky. We feed her, put her to bed, and get back to focusing on Clementine.

None of this is news to St. Josephine of the Weary Resignation.

Clem took these photos.

Note baby. ('Baby sit next to me.')

Back at Target for the promised red cart.

This is where she puts baby in time out. 'Baby in time out!' she exclaimed as she scrolls through my camera roll.

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