Monday, September 28, 2015

Wings and Things

We went to the botanical garden to see sculptor Jorge Marin's "Wings of the City" exhibit (too bad these are out of focus). It was a glorious morning-- the fall = winter = best part of living in San Antonio -- is just around the corner!

This fountain was the highlight of Josie's weekend.

[naps] First visit to Alamo Beer Company to hear a fellow Alamo180 athlete's band.

Other weekend highlights:

Roger Ebert documentary Life Itself on Netflix. Highly recommend. Nashville is back!

Benchmark at Alamo180. 55 lb 55 times plus 600 meter run in 18:18!

Visit to La Cantera under the highly unusual circumstance of Luke's instructions to go to Hanna Andersson. 'Clem needs pants -- no dresses.'

'I wear my sungwasses.'

Pizza at the bistro. HELLO FELLOW DINERS!!!

Breakfast date while Josie and Daddy slept on Sunday morning then to Target to check out the new plaid stuff (underwhelming).

long tee, leggings, sandals -- we dress just alike
After seeing the fiddle at Alamo Beer, C played her fork the same way -- it's tucked under her chin.

New duds on Monday morning. I love these leggings - they are indestructible! And this shirt, and this shirt, and this holiday-but-not-too-holiday shirt... Tees and pants only, Luke, I promise! You know I'm obsessed with HA but it is so easy to shop there -- five leggings, five tees that all go together - done. (Good thing I didn't see this while I was in the store).

little bitty Doc Martens
Other great finds: Eyes to Kill mascara sample - gonna have to get a full size; Bobbi Brown luxe lip in Brocade - I'm willing the arrival of fall with this plummy lipstick; new capris in the prettiest print (couldn't pass up the matching bra and perfect tank... really the tank is nothing to look at on the hanger but it's so soft and fits perfectly).

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  1. What a fun weekend! Josie looks like she's getting more mobile. Walking yet? And that ALAMO pic with Clem is so good. Keep up your Alamo 180- woo!