Thursday, September 3, 2015

What's Making Me Happy This Week

// I've checked out many Lucky Peaches from the library but have only gotten to a few. This piece about Las Vegas buffets had me in stitches.

// Sausage and acorn squash from One Pot. Easy-peasy, low carb, hearty, leftover-friendly, savory and a little bit sweet. I've made this four times recently.


// Next Issue app corrals all the magazines I want to read into one place for $5/month, decreasing clutter and saving trees. Now I need an app that creates time for me to catch up on magazines.

From the fitness desk

// I tried on a pair of pants I last wore in February and they were way too big in the waist - unwearable. Even though my weight hasn't changed, I've lost inches from my waist. #fistpumpemoji

// Susie climbed the rope at Alamo 180! #trophyemoji

// Benchmark at Alamo 180 ("Angie"). I made an index card to keep track of each 10 reps because I knew I would lose count. So gratifying to get stronger! #flexedarmemoji

// Luke's tour concluded with this one day drive:

♥ We are so happy to have him home! ♥

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