Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day 2015

Our Labor Day weekend.

When Luke arrived home from Houston on Saturday we went to Torchy's at 3 pm -- the place was 80% full but no wait -- for margaritas and queso. Their queso is sooo good!

"Mommy's drink and Daddy's drink."

Thank you for my supercool t-shirt, Aunt Molly and Uncle John!

WHERE'S JOSIE???? She still covers her ears instead of her eyes. So cute!

Our next stop was an Indian place my co-worker recommended about 10 miles away. To me, this constitutes A Trip. There are no Indian restaurants close to us much to the detriment of my Take Out Friday needs (pretty much every Friday is Take Out and Nonstop TV Until Bedtime Because Mommy Is Exhausted Friday).

Here we turned gulab jamun into Clementine's favorite thing:  A CAKE POP! she exclaimed.

Trader Joe's is across the parking lot, the place 'where you buy plants and chocolate'. -- Luke

Note potted succulent as sole cart item. Clementine loved pushing the cart.

Home for crawl-on-Daddy antics

A gentle pat?


Sunday morning at new coffee place and bakery Southview.

Here's Halee the head baker - her Instagram feed will make you want to move to San Antonio - she shows off the brightest and the coolest parts of the city. (@theginger_snap)

As for Clementine, she likes her doughnuts.

Nearby Lion's Field.

Baby got back: this jumpsuit is still available in a different wash. Caveat emptor: it's impossible to zip up yourself so be sure you have your Downton Abbey-style valet on duty.

Pearl farmers' market. My foot is sanny [sandy]!

Target Run 1.

Target Run 2. How creepy is Big Baby?

Josie - still waiting for the big WHERE'S JOSIE reveal.

Nailed it.


  1. i Love your chronicles! What is this new cafe called?

  2. oh my - those Target pictures at the end :) :)

  3. Clementine and Josie are great models for the out of print T-shirts. Beautiful girls!