Monday, September 14, 2015

Tour de Cart

With Daddy out of town in Little Rock, we had to get out of the house!

Mango-lemon agua frescas at Pearl.

Sweet potato empanada.


After naps we went to La Cantera where what to my wondering eyes should appear -- the purse that I wanted, decided to buy at a later date, then it sold out, wasn't available anywhere, and there it was sitting on the clearance table, HALF OFF. Thanks, Anniverary Sale shopper who decided she didn't want it anymore!

Cheesin' at the Bistro. Shortly before this we were in the shoe department. I was discussing which color of a certain shoe I should buy with the saleswoman after giving each girl a tiny sliver of chocolate chip cookie to buy me time* and she said TAUPE! and I was thinking taupe too so perfect... until the saleswoman starts laughing at her friend who was smiling and waving at Josie, who was smiling and waving back, her face and outstretched palm completely covered in melted chocolate. Deglazed with some wet wipes I luckily had in my purse, we made our way to the bistro.

*I'm the Neville Chamberlain of mothers.

Buttering bread with knife.

And directly with the pat of butter.

See, being out with small kids is easy.

As long as they're restrained. The next day was a Tour de Cart.

Racecart I.

Racecart II. They LOVE being in carts.


Josie's face here.

Watching sportsball with Daddy and Baby and Tiny Baby.


I'm trying to do 15 minutes of yoga most nights and on Friday I thought it would be interesting to see if C would follow along. She did yoga all weekend...

cat pose.

Hip openers.

She grabbed Baby -- BABY DO YOGA!

Namaste, y'all. Have a great week!

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