Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sweet Monday Portraits

Y'all know Becky is my Beatrice to all things Lou and when she posted that Lindsey of Sweet Monday photography was doing another portrait session like she did in the summer, I reserved my spot. $350 for hair, makeup, a photo session, and five digital downloads - I was in! I rented two dresses from Rent the Runway - a move that required some coaching from Lindsey because I e-mailed her saying I like to wear stretchy jeans and very soft tee shirts. Period. (I pretty much dress exactly like my girls - tunic - leggings - boots - but they're wearing rabbit boots and I'm wearing any number of Paul Green booties that I have amassed through assiduous Amazon hunting and daily Nordstrom wish list sale checks.)

Why did I want these photos? Why was I reluctant to wear a fancy dress?

I thought the girls would love these as they are careening into a princess phase full tilt despite my purchase of many STEM toys.

Older self will say to younger self, you were really an idiot when you complained about [x].

Becoming a mother has at once connected me to and dissociated me from my body.

As Josie would say, it's fun to look toot [cute].

It felt a little self-aggrandizing and awkward but I'm so glad I have these!

Glam squad/nicest people/coolest people:
Lauren of Beauty by Broxie (@beautybybroxie) did my hair and makeup.
Lindsey (@lindseyhindererportraits) took these photos (aided by her hubs - thanks Gym!). In a very STL moment I recognized the very first woman in Lindsey's IG feed as a medical school classmate.

FULL DISCLOSURE  Here's me upon arrival at the studio looking like a rabbit in an ASPCA commercial before Lauren worked her magic!



  1. Love the black dress shots! She totally captured you. I hope you have these printed with a quality printer so your family can enjoy their beautiful mama :)

  2. That black and white one is stunning. How fun!