Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Chicago Visit

I visited Chicago recently for a course and a half-week of fun, planned by my sister!

She picked me up at the airport, we dropped off my luggage and headed to the Magnificent Mile (my hotel was at Wacker and Michigan, great location). We shopped and had lunch at Nordstrom, picked up goodies at Sephora, and made our way down to Quenby's dermatology office for laser treatments (I'll post a followup).

 Pre-laser! So excited!

So scared!

Afterward we went to Lush where I bought Luke some beard wash mostly because it was named Kalamazoo ; this fantastic body scrubby bar that leaves a film in the best way ; a couple wonderful smelling body washes ; a bath bomb for C (she loved it: THE WATER IS BWUE!!!) I never shop at Lush without Elise ... it's our place. I picked up a boxy striped wool sweater (soooo soft) and slim ponte midi skirt at Eileen Fisher that is basically my dream outfit. If only it weren't still 80 degrees in STL....

We took a cab back to Elise's condo and got ready for yoga: candlelight yoga overlooking the city. The room was hot (105 degrees) and lit by candles and the glow of the city outside - the yoga studio is perched on top of a parking garage. It was fantastic!

That night Elise and I compared Nordstrom wish lists and she saw these on mine:

image via Nordstrom

and said, "I have these boots I never wear, you should take them*," and returned from her closet with these:

*I recommend having siblings and friends with the same shoe size
image via 6pm


From 8 am to 5:30 pm: PowerPointzzzzzzzzzz....

After my course on Thursday, I met up with Elise and Brett and my mom and dad - in town for the night - to go to Bob Chinn's Crab House, a place my dad found out about somehow (Food Network?) We ate a lot of delicious seafood. All about that drawn butter.

On Friday I made a lunchtime run back to the dermatology office for Botox - the weather was perfect for a stroll - bright and sunny and a little chilly. Elise made reservations at tiki bar Three Dots and a Dash and we had dinner at Beatrix. Beatrix is a hotel restaurant with a coffee bar - I noticed a sign for trademark Bulletproof coffee for EIGHT NINETY-FIVE A CUP. Holy low carb markup, Batman.

Walking back with our dessert doughnuts.

At the conclusion of Saturday's lectures we went to The Aviary for very very fancy cocktails and small bites (one of which was a giant sheet of still-hot salt and vinegar splashed pork rind) and dinner at The Hampton Social.

Elise is the very best cruise director! Thank you, E!

Meanwhile: Luke held down the fort, my mom (back from Chicago and back on sitter duty) watched Josie while Luke and Clementine went to a live production of Beauty and the Beast.



  1. My desire to be a Kunkel sister will never die with posts like these!! -xoxo-

  2. That outfit you describe sounds perfect. Also that pork rind- what!??