Monday, November 28, 2016

A Sunday in Late Fall

Sunday funday...

Making microwave scrambled eggs while the cinnamon rolls baked. This is Josie's new smile-for-photos. Clemmie likes to (help) pop the cinnamon roll can, break the eggs ("no shells in dare, mommy"), and stir them with the "spoon with all the metal" (whisk).

Unrolling to eat.

My only weekend goal was the purchase of an artificial Christmas tree. First stop: Home Depot. Didn't like the trees but Luke bought some supplies for his new studio and Josie was enamored of the outdoor inflatables. O-waf!!! [Olaf!]

Second stop: Menards. Didn't like the trees but we bought some glow sticks and window clings. Josie played with these longer and more intently than I've seen her play with anything.

Saturday night's perusal of a new library book, Bread Illustrated, put me in the mood for a cooking project. I made pizza - made the dough, made the sauce, grated the cheese - on Sunday afternoon/evening while Luke took the girls for a bike ride. It turned out delicious! (I bought this little angled measuring cup a while ago but hadn't used it -- so great! Stocking stuffer idea).

Memory Yoga. (more memory yoga here)

Josie and the glow stick.

We ended up at Target for the tree (and stockings and tree skirt and three Frozen ornaments and miniature bottle brush trees) and I bought a coffee bean grinder to give making my old cold brew a second chance. I already have a French press and spend $10 a bottle on coffee concentrate at least twice a week! We've been travelling and working so much I've gotten out of the habit of cooking - in addition to being something I truly enjoy doing, it's so much healthier and less expensive to make your own food. I prepared the two flank steaks (foolproof!) I had in the freezer for the week. I caught sight of the ice cream maker in the hutch and thought about the vanilla beans in the pantry ... maybe not always healthier but making your own food is fun! Our menu this week is: scrambled eggs and bacon; baked potatoes with fixins; flank steak; green beans; leftover pizza (recipes from here,* which makes 3 pizzas); salad-from-a-bag; a bok choy stir fry kit; and probably Indian Friday!

*I learned to cook from this ATK binder series starting in 2011. Using them conjures up a lot of feelings about first being married, learning to crush garlic, making lasagna, long/involved/expensive trips to Central Market. So many good feelings.

NOT GOOD FEELINGS: ATK is now suing its founder Christopher Kimball over his new venture Milk Street Kitchen -- you can read all about it at  and here. Ugh --- I'm strangely distressed about this turn of events, like a divorce between two dearly loved friends. 

Sunday means Westworld. Luke likes it but I LOVE it and spend one hour watching the episode and one hour googling synopses and fan theories afterward.

Josie woke up and watched it with us. I'm trying to capture more of her talking on video.

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