Sunday, July 10, 2016

Josie's On A Vacation Far Away

The girls are in Michigan while we pack up here, pretty much having the time of their lives with their grandparents and many cousins there. We've been Facetiming and receiving photos, videos, updates, and quotable quotes:

[preface: C accepts only intact things - broken things are unacceptable, i.e. half of a huge cookie is not as good as an intact small cookie, etc] Grandpa gave C half of a cookie which she refused; she wanted the whole thing.

Grandpa, seizing on a teachable moment: You have a choice - you can have half of this cookie or no cookie at all.

Clementine: I don't like those choices. I want a different choice.

The hard-nosed negotiator and her partner in crime.

Mess-free painting with their cousin.

Who also painted their nails :)

Zoo with the cousins

These girls have never looked cuter - how darling is their hair?!

Remember, this is the usual coiffure around here.

A utterly inadequate but heartfelt thanks to all of Luke's Michigan family for the TLC they've given the girls!

photos and videos courtesy of MI fam

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