Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet Toof

     Trying out different desserts, the latest Roasted Banana Pudding from Cooking Light (aka Feel Free to Have Twice As Much, Folks) August 2011.  So delicious, so Southern, so banana-y.... so appeeling.

     Recipe here: Roasted Banana Pudding

                                                            Begin; behold the bananas:

                                                Or, arranged for roasting a la my sister Elise:

                                                                You had me at shello.

                                                            Midroast for 3; postroast for 2


Two bananas, mashed.  I think additional roasting would have yielded more, well, yielding bananas and a smoother product.  But, ever onward.

The custard.


                          Hopefully if you give it a whirl you'll enjoy it more than Hattie:

                                           from the documentary Babies - such a great film!


  1. How did this turn out? Lily and I have it posted on the fridge after seeing it in Cooking Light this month...never roasted a banana before...

  2. So delicious! But you might roast the bananas longer than suggested so they mash better. Enjoy!

  3. Looks deelicious. love the "shello" comment :)