Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Update

     Team H is exploring the SA music scene with gusto... Thursday we took in a show by Country Mice, a Brooklyn band, and Friday night  Luke saw Sean McConnell, a Nashville singer-songwriter, while I was down for the count, sinus-wise.
     On Saturday we headed to Austin to pick up a desk on Craigslist and then decided to make a day of it - we explored Barton Springs (feels like a little beach community), ate Stubb's barbeque (delish) and saw Ben Sollee at the Parish (awesome).  Betwist and between we played pool, strolled and people-watched ... Austin has no shortage of zaftig sidewalk belly dancers (working on a volunteer basis) and other colorful characters.
     The new desk matches my desk, the first step in getting our office together.  Which now consists of matching desks, a credenza, a Looming Green Lamp and many many boxes of professional books awaiting their home on the to-be-located bookcases.
     Today we took shelter from the heat in the movie theatre, watching the British comedy The Trip.  Highly recommend.  Giggles, guffaws galore.  Headed home to make dinner -- a first-time attempt at moussaka, the planning, ingredient purchasing, execution and consumption of which prompted two days of quotes from this priceless SNL skit:


And then, so fittingly, we took a lovers' walk around the neighborhood.

Tonight, Those Darlins at Jack's Patio Bar!  A favorite band of mine.

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  1. i love the update! cheers to a good craigslist find :) you have to start posting pics!!