Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Pinterest

My friend Aaron Abbott directed me to this article today, on the Pinterest phenomenon and, in particular, Mormons on Pinterest (Mitt Romney's wife among them), and this quote from Rosalynde Welch (herself a Mormon, totally beside the point) struck a chord:

You can read her excellent column here -- what do you think about her statement

The real temptation of Pinterest, I would suggest, is the lure of an imaginary identity, a Pinterest-self for display only, a profile created entirely by the visual consumption of images rather than imaginative production.
 and the phenomenon of Pinterest?  Is it healthy?  Is it for status-seeking?  Is it harmless mind candy, a treasure trove of tutorials?  Inspirational-aspirational?  Or defeating, demoralizing, a keeping-up with the Joneses, the Joneses being the

most organized
most devout
most fit
most domestic
most stylish

A visual catalog of things you like or speak to you in some way... or a public scroll of insecurities and neuroses?

Would love to hear your thoughts, gentle readers.

p.s.  You should follow Aaron's pins - he has exquisite, masculine taste!


  1. I'm going to go with the last quote! I enjoy being part of a larger global community that inspires creativity, sparks imagination and isn't limited to my "friends." I would consider FB much more of a self display. And I'm shamelessly an active part of both!

  2. There seem to be two types of pinners, those that just watch the feed and repin things they will never make/do/feel/say etc, and those that go out, grab images and collect them for actual use. Initially much more the former than the latter, now I've become more actively creative than at any other time in my life. My home is actually starting to become an extension of my inner creative self, thanks to the ability to organize visual thoughts in a concrete place.

  3. I use Pinterest as a shopping list :) But I am very interested in the idea of the Self constructed and displayed via social media.

  4. "bookstore" CarrieMarch 14, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    It depends on how each individual utilizes the opportunity, just like anything else. I try to be aware about what I pin and with very few exceptions only pin what I actaully feel I am going to accomplish. More often than not I am not re-pinning at all when I truly use the concept of the bulletin board for the internet . . . knowing that my garden will take two years to reach my true goals it helps having a place to brainstorm that won't get lost on my messy desk! I also love seeing boards (such as your own) that truly represent individuals I don't get to see in person anymore. For them it is like a brief encounter that makes me smile . . . I have eliminated all fasion boards other than yours, because you truly pin things that make me feel like I can see you :)

  5. Beautiful and thoughtful, Carrie, just like yourself :)