Friday, April 20, 2012


Fun purchases arrived in the mail from Sephora:

17 itty bitty trial sizes of sunscreen and a few self-tanning (I don't use these - I don't ascribe to or promote the culture of tanning!) samples.  I have purchased this the past few years when I've caught it in stock - a great way to try out a bunch of brands and formulations.  Though at $30 it works out to

[sounds of frantic typing and re-typing on calculator]

Um....a lot per ounce, it is fun.  I have tried one product so far and LOVED it : Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15.  It is truly matte and perfect for wearing under makeup.

buy it here

For information about sunscreen (expiration dates, differences among, etc), visit the FAQ section of the website of American Academy of Dermatology.

I also bought the LashStash: two full size and eight mini mascaras, plus a small Clinique eye makeup remover.  [Unfortunately this is out of stock all of a sudden.]  If I open and use them one at a time, this $30 could last me... at least 2 years.

Other products...

The Goody QuikStyle brush with microfibers.  I will purchase anything to make blow-drying go faster.  I think this brush does speed it up a bit, but there are several confounding variables: humidity, towel used to dry hair, do I use this brush more than the regular paddle brush...? If you too fantastize about shaving your head because you hate blowing it dry (as I do), you might consider picking this up at Target.

Diane von Furstenberg perfume sample arrived with Sephora purchases.  Really like it (and I dislike 90% of all perfumes).

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  1. Jules, what's your take on all natural sunscreen? Do you recommend that over "regular" sunscreen? I have to use special sunscreen for my face because I have very sensitive skin, but do you have a favorite body sunscreen you would recommend?